Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Winners Circles - Nationwide

A major benefit of belonging to the National Women's In Network is eligibility for membership in our Winners Circles. Winners Circles are mastermind groups where participants receive peer coaching, support, brainstorming and accountability to their goals.

The pilot Winners Circle group meets monthly in Florida, NY and the members have found it so useful they voluntarily upped their contributions and sign up for 5 month blocks to ensure attendance and commitment to the group. Following on their model, I will be facilitating nationwide Winners Circles by conference call. My conference call line allows me to break a larger group into smaller groups for intimate sharing.

Hopefully you are interested in attending our Winners Circles, especially now that we will be saving time and opening up a new enrollment period by conducting meetings by phone. To determine a set schedule for meetings, and to make sure there is sufficient interest, please take the following survey:


Winners Circle Testimonials:

This is an important of my own personal and professional "maintenance" of my wellbeing -- connecting in such an intimate and satisfying way with our NWIN members has continued to be a source of ongoing self-nurturing and satisfying connections with other members with whom I can experience a deeper relationship and offer support within the context of our all being on the same level "playing field"...where I am not the "coach", but just a "player". -- Sheila Pearl

The peer support and personal support are very important and helpful to both my business and me personally. -- JoAnne Bell

I love the level of group intimacy and I need that space in my life where I can open up about intertwined personal and business issues with people who can really "get it." I don't receive that level of understanding and support from family or non-business friends. I find the Winners Circles to be so valuable both personally and professionally that I plan to continue attending as a participant in spite of participating on the teleseminars as a facilitator and coach. -- Rev. Criss Ittermann

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get Organized on a Budget!

Please join Lisa Montanaro from LM Organizing Solutions for her teleclass:

You CAN Afford a Personal Organizing Coach: Get Organized on a Budget!

Take Control! Certified Professional Organizer, Lisa Montanaro of LM Organizing Solutions, LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of her new DECIDE to be Organized Online Group Coaching Program, a 6-week teleclass series for those that want to achieve results at home, at work, and in life in an interactive group setting. Teleclasses will be Tuesday evenings from Oct. 6 to Nov. 10 from 7:30-9:00 pm. All classes will be recorded! Visit http://lmorganizingsolutions.com/groupcoaching.html for details & registration, or call Lisa at (845) 988-0183.